Thursday, 8 June 2017

Day 6 Digital Intensive

Yes, I am getting better at creating google sites. Today was an exciting day for me as I got more hands on practice on google sites with a lot of one on one support from Dorothy, Matt and "Superman" James.  The whole group worked on  creating their individual site on Professional Standard for Teaching Profession.

This is what my Homepage for the site looks like:

Thank you  Matt for sharing your learning on HTML with us all. This is a doc from Matt with all the different links he has used to enlighten us on HTML HTML

Towards the end of the day, the whole group got an opportunity to share their creations through chromecast.


  1. Great to see your skills growing in this area Dupen. I do hope that the professional standards remain much the same as this after July and you are able to use this site for accreditation purposes.

  2. Dupender.... this looks fantastic!!!

  3. Great to see this shared Dupender and thanks for the nod. It's a pleasure to share in your growth and learning and I really enjoyed the breakout time as we built.

    I sincerely hope you manage to use the site we created and it becomes a valuable part of your toolkit.

    Thanks for sharing,